The shop

Concession Honda EtupesWe have been a Honda dealer in east of France since 2003. We are also a Dafy store for biker and motorcycle accessories.

Our family business on a human scale has always been guided by the passion for motorcycles and the pleasure that results from it (cross, trail, race, etc.). This passion has always fueled our extensive knowledge of the sector, brands, technical and trends. This is how, everyday, we offer all our customers a wide range of quality products (new and used motorcycles, accessories, spare parts, consumables) with dedicated advice, which adapts to your needs and possibilities rather than a commercial objective.

We have a passion in common, let's share this pleasure together as long as possible !

The online adventure

To share our products, our discoveries and our quality of advice with as many people as possible, the internet quickly became an obvious way.

In 2012, we launched a store dedicated to the CB1000R. The principle was to sell all accessories 100% specific to the motorcycle for tuning, performance, equipment and maintenance of the latter while indicating the compatibilities (years) and describing the interest of each part.

The 1 motorcycle = 1 special site concept was very well received by customers and our e-shops very quickly became renowned, both for the quality of service and from an "encyclopaedic" point of view with our exhaustive catalog of best equipment manufacturers.

Today, our team dedicated to the web manages 10 active and recognized sites all over the world. Our French and international customers appreciate and recognize:

  • our individualized treatment
  • our multilingual contact (French, English, Chinese)
  • our specific products
  • our discount prices
  • our worldwide delivery in economy or premium format
  • our ability to find a solution to any problem encountered

Our online network

xadv-legal.jpgXADV SHOP

Parts and accessories dedicated to X-ADV 750 Honda

africa-legal.jpgAFRICA TWIN SHOP

Parts and accessories dedicated to CRF1000 and CRF1100

650-legal.jpgCB650 SHOP

Parts and accessories dedicated to CB650F, CB650R, CBR650F and CBR650R

700-legal.jpgNC700 SHOP

Parts and accessories dedicated to NC700X, NC750X, NC700S, NC750S and INTEGRA


Parts and accessories dedicated to CB1000R

500-legal.jpgCB500 SHOP

Parts and accessories dedicated to CB500F, CB500X, CBR500R and CMX500 Rebel


Parts and accessories dedicated to NT1100


Parts and accessories dedicated to FORZA 125, FORZA 300, FORZA 350


Parts and accessories dedicated to FORZA 750


Official parts catalog for all Honda models, based on exploded views (microfiche)